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About Us

At Cannon Lane Primary School we are committed to wanting nothing but the best for our pupils.

We have a talented, dedicated and committed staff team, plus a range of opportunities beyond the classroom. As a result, Cannon Lane pupils are happy children who enjoy being at school.

We aim to excel – not only in achieving high academic, sporting and cultural standards, but also in delivering a holistic education that is grounded in moral, social and spiritual values.

Above all, we want our pupils to enjoy their days at school and to know the joys of learning, discovery, challenge and adventure.

Ours is a happy school in which our pupils are encouraged to become considerate and responsible members of society.

The school day begins at 8.45am for children from Years 3-6.  The children have a morning playtime of 15 minutes and 1hour and 10 minutes for lunch. School finishes at 3.15pm.

For children from Reception to Year 2, the day begins at 8.50am.  The children have a 15 minute playtime in the morning and again 15 minutes in the afternoon.  They have an hour for lunch.