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Club: re:generation Club

Year Groups: Y5|Y6
Dates/Times: 17/10/2017 to Ongoing | 12:30 to 13:00
Run by: Sam Daniel & Beth Turner Pickup Point: Not Applicable

Dear Parent/Carer,

For the past ten years Cannon Lane Primary School has had a longstanding relationship with re:generation, a Christian charitable trust that has been working in local primary and secondary schools across Harrow since 1984. As part of our job as the re:generation schools workers we run lunch clubs, after school clubs, teach RE lessons, take assemblies and run PSHE workshops in a wide range of schools throughout Harrow. Cannonlane Primary School welcomes us on a weekly basis to run our lunch club.

The club runs every Tuesday during term time (with the exception of Tues 19th December) from 12.30 to 1.00 and its main aim is to create a fun, welcoming and supportive place for the children to come to during their lunch break. We spend the first 15 minutes playing fun games which have a focus on helping the children develop good social skills. We then spend some time either discussing a topic question to make us think about who we are and what’s important to us, or hearing or watching a cartoon of a bible story and discussing the values that can be taken from it, such as why it’s important to forgive, how to be a good friend and the importance of being honest. We will also spend some time chatting to the children about pastoral issues as they arise for example, fall outs within friendship groups or worries about school work. The children are free to come as frequently or infrequently as they like and therefore the number of children attending fluctuates on a weekly basis depending on the weather and what else is going on in school.

We fully support the school’s rights respecting ethos and children of all faith groups are most welcome to join us! If your child wishes to come to the re:generation lunch club please indicate this on the slip below and return it to your child’s class teacher.

Children may join anytime but they must download ‘Regeneration Club Letter – Oct 2017’ and bring in the completed attached reply slip before they attend the club

Many thanks,
Sam Daniel & Beth Turner

Re:generation schools workers

Charity number: 1061200

Download Regeneration Club Letter – Oct 2017 >>

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