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Forest School is an intervention for small groups of children who would benefit from additional support to develop social skills and personal wellbeing. We hope that many children will benefit from this alternative provision during their time at Cannon Lane.

The Forest School movement has been growing in popularity in the UK over recent years. The idea originally comes from a Scandinavian model of outdoor learning. The benefits of Forest School have been identified as helping to improve children’s confidence and wellbeing as well as improving social skills. Forest School also represents a belief that children should have the opportunity to be more physically involved in their environment and be more active and healthy.

Forest School at Cannon Lane Primary School
We are fortunate to be able to offer some children the chance to attend Forest School. We work with Harrow Forest School who provide the location and the expert teachers to run the sessions. The children travel by minibus to a local woodland. The woodland is owned by All Saints’ Church in Harrow Weald so it is a secure site, not open to the public.

A group of ten children attend Forest School once every week. They are accompanied by at least two members of school staff. The session takes place between 1pm and 2.45pm ensuring children are back at school in time to be dismissed with their class.

Class teachers recommend children for whom Forest School would prove beneficial. This is based on the needs of individual children. It may be that Forest School would help a child to develop their social skills or raise their self-esteem. The children attend for a limited period of approximately ten weeks. After this time, the child’s needs are again reviewed and a decision is made as to whether the child will continue to attend Forest School.

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