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Isle of Wight 2017 – Thursday

After the heatwave we have enjoyed so far it was something of a relief to wake up to a cooler temperature this morning!

Our activities kicked off with the obstacle course which involves teams competing to work their way round various obstructions put in their way. Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse with the arrival of a storm with thunder and lightning. For safety reasons this brought the activity to an end, and we retired inside to play some computer games. The storm was short lived and we soon went outside again for the rest of the day.


Our group had which involved the children their imagination and construction skills. First we had Buggy Building, where the task was to build a buggy out of some plastic drums, wood and rope, and which was capable of carrying a passenger while being pulled by the other team members. We were split into two teams, boys against girls (chosen by the children). The girls were comprehensively the winners as the boys’ buggy failed to complete the course before falling apart.


Then we had Team Tech where the task was to build firstly a tower then a chair out of a selection of plastic parts. Although neither team was wholly successful in completing the tasks they both learned the importance of planning and communication within a team!


In the evening, it was the Kingswood Disco so the children had a chance to let their hair down and really enjoy themselves.

Mr Foxley


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