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Isle of Wight – Wednesday

Another scorching day, but the children are all being really sensible, drinking plenty of water and covering themselves up to prevent any ill effects from too much sun.

We had two favourite activities this morning – the 3-G swing and the Leap of faith, both of which require commitment and a degree of courage when you are taken out of your normal comfort zone. Both activities were enjoyed by the group and they found them very rewarding.


After lunch the whole school went on a very pleasant walk along the coastal path to the beach where the children played a variety of ball games, and also explored the rock pools which are exposed at low tide. A few little fish and crabs were found and safely returned to the sea. Following the return walk along the clifftop path the children went into the shop where they could buy an ice cream or cold drink

After a satisfying evening meal this evening is campfire night for the whole school, again a favourite activity.

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Mr Foxley


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