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Religious Education

All schools in Harrow follow the local Agreed Syllabus of Religious Education. We are bound by law to provide religious education for all registered pupils apart from those who have been withdrawn by their parents, (in which case a request must be made to the Headteacher).

Assemblies are some of the most important occasions of school life. They are held daily. Each half-term we have a theme for our assemblies. Some recent themes (which are generally suggested by the children) have been, for example; Giving, Making Things, Famous People, Our School, People Who Help Us, and Life.

Children are encouraged to think and reflect their beliefs and values through stories from around the world, sacred texts, study of religious buildings and artifacts, and through contact with people from different faiths.

Parents are permitted to withdraw their children from collective worship; in which case a written request must be made to the Headteacher.