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The 4R’s

We believe it is important for children to learn about their learning and how this can be improved. We have adopted cognitive scientist Professor Guy Claxton’s 4R’s approach. Professor Claxton proposed the 4R’s as part of his theories on ‘Learning Power‘ – that psychological traits and skills effect how a person engages with learning challenges.

The 4Rs are:

    • Resilience– this encourages learners to manage distractions and resist giving up, to ensure they maintain positive views of themselves as┬álearners
    • Resourcefulness– learners are persuaded to use a range of learning strategies and not to rely solely on the teacher
    • Reflectiveness–┬álearners are encouraged to consciously think about their own learning, to use appropriate learning vocabulary, to plan their learning and to assess their own work
    • Reciprocity – learners can learn effectively in groups so are taught to identify circumstances when it is advantageous to work with others and when to work on their own.